Mahboba’s Promise

I first heard Mahboba Rawi being interviewed by Geraldine Doogue on ABC radio’s Saturday Extra in June 2009. It was utterly inspirational.

It all began with a letter from a young Afghani doctor begging for help to save refugee orphans dying on the streets of Kabul. Mahboba and her friends raised $120 to help out. To prove the orphans had received the money, the young doctor sent back the children’s fingerprints.


Mahboba’s Promise was established in 1998 as a not-for-profit charity funded entirely by private donations and dedicated to helping the widows and the large number of orphaned children of Afghanistan.

The promise Mahboba made was to continue to help these widows and orphans for the rest of her life and that she would make people in Australia and the world aware of their suffering.

Currently the organisation looks after over 4,000 widows and orphans through 90 projects and is closely aligned with UNICEF.

I wholeheartedly support Mahboba’s Promise. A proportion of every sale of my music is pledged to it.

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